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Our K-beauty Brands


The secret of beauty lies in the tiniest of seeds. Inspired by the energy produced by a seed when it sprouts, Primera developed the Germination Technology to provide an ecologically and aesthetically conscious approach to skin care. When a seed germinates or sprouts, the nutritious substances produced by the seed are extracted and used as key nourishing ingredients. Primera has tested 500 different types of seeds to discover the most skin revitalizing elements. As a natural beauty brand, Primera is also committed to eco-friendly production. In addition to using natural ingredients, the packaging is printed with soy-ink on FSC-certified paper to reduce the strain on the environment. Products like Super Sprout Serum, Alpine Berry Watery Cream and Facial Mild Peeling Product demonstrate our fascination with creating quality products with natural method.

Primera is part of AmorePacific Corporation, which also houses popular Korean brands including Etude House, Innisfree, Sulwhasoo and more. Primera is a cruelty free Korean beauty brand. 

Primera Eco Philosophy

Best Quality  Good Ingredients Eco Package Better Environment
Primera competes using only quality-differentiated products. Primera brand is built through product quality, consumer loyalty and viral marketing, not on excessive advertising and brand promotions.
Primera produces only honest and safe products. Primera manufactures products that do not include paraben, synthetic pigments, artificial fragrances; Primera uses a minimal amount of artificial chemical ingredients. Primera aims to tackle environmental issues with eco-friendly packaging. Primera uses mostly FSC-certified paper for its packaging and prints in natural soy ink. In addition, the product information and instruction manuals are printed on the paperboard box to reduce any unnecessary waste of resources. Primera dreams of a greener environment; nature; and precious earth. Primera is an eco-friendly brand that aims to promote the harmonious coexistence of nature and humans and practice a healthier, merrier, and greener lifestyle in the beauty field.



Total beauty starts with head to toe moisture. Illi offers total moisturizing for body, hands and feet by using ancient indigenous Korean herbs and remedies. Illi seeks to provide relief for women who want more than basic skin care and seek beautiful, resilient skin that resists the signs of aging. Using traditional Asian herbs and medicinal findings with ingredients such as ginseng, beans, and camellia, Illi revitalizes sagging or dry skin. 

illi is part of Amorepacific Corporation, which also houses popular Korean brands including Etude House, Innisfree, Sulwhasoo and more. illi is a cruelty free Korean beauty brand. 

Lirikos Marine Energy

Lirikos Marine Energy was inspired by the unique skincare practices of the female eco-divers in Korea, which involve using seaweed to protect their skin from stormy winds, scorching sun and the salinity of the sea. Marine Energy products are designed to deliver the amazing vitality of seaweed to your skin.

The brand brings the amazing power and vitality of seaweed to awaken your skin, and to spice up your life with a subtle with fragrance that transports you to beautiful beaches, presenting the K-Marine lifestyle, the perfect cure for the tiring hustle and bustle of everyday life.

In order to weave the goodness of the sea into our everyday lives, Marine Energy contains 1% sea trumpet and 35% pulp from recovered paper in its paper packaging. Also, resin containers that are more lightweight and sturdier than glass containers, are used to address environmental concerns about the sea, home to a wealth of precious resources for human life.

Lirikos Marine Energy is part of Amorepacific Corporation, which also houses popular Korean brands including Etude House, Innisfree, Sulwhasoo and more. Lirikos Marine Energy is a cruelty free Korean beauty brand.