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Q. When and how should I use the products I bought from Monomania Norge?

A. You can find usage directions on our product page.


Q. My skin gets itchy when I use a new cosmetic product. How should I treat this?

A. Please stop using the product. While cosmetic products are safe for most people, some people do experience burning, redness or itchiness.
Also, even products that you have used before can be unsuitable for your skin at times. This can be due to changes in your physical condition, the weather or the environment, or even your state of mind. Therefore, when skin irritation or any abnormal symptoms such as redness, puffiness, or itch occur, stop using the product immediately. When symptoms are severe, consult a dermatologist.

・Remove the cosmetic product with lukewarm water, and then cool skin with cold water.
・Do not touch, scratch or rub with a towel the affected areas.
・Rest in a place away from direct sunlight.
・Do not take alcohol or other excitants.
・Avoid getting a perm or hair colouring.